International Accelerated Degree Program Scholarships (3+1+1)

Published: 21 Nov 2016

ABOUT THE PROGRAM: KNUST in collaboration with Arizona State University (ASU) in the United States has introduced a new international academic program (International Accelerated Degree Program - IADP) of the 3+1+1 Format. As part of this 3+1+1 format, candidates will earn their bachelor’s degree by attending KNUST for the first three (3) years of their undergraduate education and ASU for the final year (fourth year) and then continue at ASU with a one (1) year accelerated master’s program.

Through this competitive program, KNUST students will gain an exceptional graduate education and become highly-valued candidates for the job market.

SCHOLARSHIPS: MasterCard sponsored scholarships are available to highly-qualified applicants. Scholarships will cover the cost of tuition, return tickets to the US, accommodation and stipends for selected scholars.

You can read more on the MasterCard Foundation Scholarship schemes on;

the MCF website ( or on

the ASU MCF website (


SELECTED PROGRAMS: The following programs at College of Engineering are eligible.

  1.  BSc. Mechanical Engineering
  2.  BSc. Biomedical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering students will pursue a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering after the 4th year at ASU whiles Biomedical Engineering students will pursue a Master’s in Biomedical Engineering.

STUDENT ELIGIBILITY: College of Engineering invites qualified applicants from these two programs (Mechanical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering) to apply for the International Accelerated Degree Program/Scholarship. Qualified applicants (CWA of 60.00 and above) should pick application forms from the Provost’s Office at College of Engineering.



  • Call of Applications: 21st November, 2016 to 9th December, 2016.
  • Submission Of Application Forms:

Early – 9th December, 2016

Late – 10th December, 2016 (by 6:00pm)

All submissions should be sent to the MasterCard Secretariat Office within the Dean of Students building at Commercial Area.

  • Mini Orientation For All Applicants: 10th December 2016, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.

Orientation will be held at the Dean of Students Conference Room.

  • Interview For Shortlisted Applicants: 19th December, 2016


For Further Details Contact:

  •     Afia Ampomah - KNUST MasterCard Secretariat
  •     Prof. Mark Adom Asamoah - Provost, College of Engineering   
  •     Prof. Kwame Osei Boateng - Dean, Faculty of Electrical & Computer Engineering
  •     Dr. Gabriel Takyi - Department of Mechanical Engineering
  •     Dr. Francis Davies - Department of Mechanical Engineering


You can find out more on

the MCF website (

or on the ASU MCF website (

You can also find out more on the KNUST’s current MasterCard Foundation Scholarship web page:





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