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Research & Collaborations

Research & Collaborations

Of the three core functions of a university consisting of teaching, conducting research and providing extension services for society, research and development is probably the fundamental core function since the other two functions flow from it. In fact research and development is the function that distinguishes a university from other institutions of learning.

There have been discussions on ways to re-organise and harmonise research in the College. Recently, the College organised two workshops on research management. The outcome of these discussions is a definition of the goal of research management in the College. The ultimate goal is to set up a harmonised and a well-coordinated approach to research, and to have a clearly defined structure for research project staff. Towards achieving this objective a number of steps have been taken. The College has hired a Research Manager to provide support for the management of research and other projects in the College and also to provide administrative support to staff in relation to the planning, development and implementation of grants and research projects during both pre- and post-award stages.

In addition, the College has requested all Departments to re-define their staffing situation in terms of research groups. This should greatly facilitate research, staff recruitment and mentorship. Some Departments have completed their re-definition, while others are yet to do so.

This document is a first attempt at cataloguing the research projects in the College. It provides us with a definition of research activities currently going on in the College and serves as one of the first steps required for effective research management. No doubt as a first attempt there may be gaps, but it is our hope that its publication will galvanise all staff to contribute information to give a more complete picture of research in the College.