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Geological Engineering

Geological Engineering

Dr. Simon Kafui Yawo Gawu, Head of Department

Dr. Simon Kafui

The Geological Engineering programme aims at providing expertise in the exploration and exploitation of natural resources and finding effective solutions to geo-environmental problems associated with the exploitation and utilisation of these natural resources as in mining, construction, water, petroleum and related industries.

The following are the research groupings in the Department;

Hydrogeology Group
Hydrogeology is a branch in geology that studies the occurrence and movement of water through porous and permeable geologic media and their applications for management of groundwater resources. The Hydrogeology Section is a very important component of the Geological Engineering Department that emphasises the teaching/research of hydrogeological principles in the exploration, abstraction and management of groundwater resources to meet the increasing dependence on the resource. The section, also, emphasises the use of hydrogeological applications in mining, construction of landfills and disposal sites for mine and industrial wastes, and environmental impact assessments.

Engineering Geology and Geotechnics Group
The engineering geology and geotechnics specialty in the Geological Engineering Department encompasses the application of geological principles to solving engineering problems for the purpose of assuring that the geologic factors affecting the location, design, construction, operation and maintenance of engineering works are recognised and adequately provided for. Academic training in engineering geology and geotechnics encompasses geology, natural hazards, construction and site investigation, GIS, remote sensing methods, numerical techniques and engineering calculations.The group is involved in laboratory studies of the engineering properties of rocks and soils, soil improvement, geo- material characterisation and Engineering geological mapping.

Environmental Geology and Earth Resources Group
Environmental geology and earth resources specialty is the application of geological data and information of Earth and Earth systems for people’s needs and the improvement or remediation of the environment. This section provides the geological knowledge required by the other research group susing traditional disciplines or domains such as mineralogy, petrology, hydrogeology, structural geology and tectonics, sedimentology, and stratigraphy, geochemistry and geophysics, economic geology, mineral exploration techniques, field geological mapping and remote sensing, etc. It therefore encompasses basic geologic principles that affect conditions of life on the earth, summarises economic mineralogy, strategic minerals and environmental effects of mining and mineral processes. Included is the geological characterisation and development of natural resources (fossil fuel and mineral deposits).
















The following are some completed research projects by the Department

  1. The effect of spent carbide on the geotechnical characteristics of two lateritic soils from the Kumasi area. 
  2. The Mode of Formation, Nature and Geotechnical characteristics of Black Cotton 
  3. A Survey of Mining and Tailings Disposal Practices of Selected Artisanal and Small Scale Mining Companies in Ghana. 
  4. Synthesis of high alumina refractories from lithomargic clay. 
  5. Arsenic sorption characteristics in decommissioned tailings dam environment at the Obuasi mine, Ghana. 
  6. Synthesis optimization of fireclay refractories from lithomargic clay. 
  7. Geotechnical Evaluation of a Ghanaian Black Cotton Soil for use as Clay Liner in Tailings Dam Construction. 
  8. Development of fireclay aluminosilicate refractory from lithomargic clay deposits 
  9.  Evaluation of unconfined aquifer parameters from flow to partially penetrating wells in Tailan River basin, China. 
  10.  EvaluationofclimatechangeimpactonsustainabilityofTailanunderground reservoir in China 
  11.  Influence of particle distribution in the filter coefficient of the initial stage of filtration 
  12. The potential utilization of satellite derived rainfall for a data-scarce basin 
  13. Application of the mobile metal ion geochemical technique in the location of buried gold mineralization in Essase Concession, Eastern Region, Ghana