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Vacation Training

Vacation Training

Vacation Training SponsorsUndergoing the third-year vacation training in France or in a francophone country may become a possibility for students enrolled with the College of Engineering at KNUST in the near future. Below is some practical information about it.

French language skills

It is estimated that a student would need level A2 of the Common European Reference Framework for Languages, also referred to as “survival level”, to undertake vacation training in a French-speaking environment. This level is attained after 160 hours of learning the language. Yet, this does not include professional French. Therefore, students who are interested in undergoing their vacation training in a francophone environment need to register for French classes with Maison Française. These classes are on interest-basis and will not be awarded credits.


Note: this cost estimate is only for France. Costs may change over time, as well as the equivalent in Ghana cedis.

It is possible that the companies would offer an allowance to their interns. Yet, as it is not required by law, most students would have to bear the entire cost of their stay in France.

  • Short-stay visa: 60€ (≈ 240GH₵)
  • Travel insurance: ≈ 100€ (≈ 400GH₵)
  • Return plane ticket: ≈ 1000€ (≈ 4000GH₵)
  • Accommodation:
  • max 250€/month in a university residence (≈ 1000GH₵/month)
  • ≈ 400€/month in an apartment (≈1600GH₵/month)
  • Life expenses: ≈ 400€/month (≈1600GH₵/month)

       >> Total cost for 2 months: 2460€ (≈ 10.000GH₵) in university residence

Visa requirements

Note: these requirements are only for France.

  • Passport, of which the expiry date is at least 3 months after the expected return date
  • Schengen visa application form
  • 2 passport pictures
  • Travel insurance that covers the entire stay
  • Booking slip of return plane ticket (it is advisable not to buy the ticket before being sure the visa has been delivered)
  • Birth certificate
  • Proof of sufficient financial means (3 last bank statements) 
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Official letter from the University and proof of paid school fees and school reports (to show that the student will return to Ghana and complete his/her programme)
  • Note that short-stay visas for France are delivered by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Accra. Appointments need to be made on their website ahead of time. Applicants are required to go in person to the interview. Original documents should be brought to the interview, together with a full set of photocopies.


    Antenne Campus  France /  Tel: (+233)-20 910 5543 
    Email : 
    Location : KNUST-Maison Française (Examination (Destiny) Hall)