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The College of Engineering was established as a School of Engineering in October 1952 to prepare students for professional qualifications only. It has since grown, expanded and responded to the human resource and development needs of the country.

The library, being an integral part of the school/college, has also undergone several transformations under different leaders. It has always held a central position as the heart of the college - both symbolically and in terms of its physical placement. It however had to cope with the increasing number of users and the explosion of literature for quite some time.

Being one of the six college libraries of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, it now provides physical and digital access to materials on Engineering, to support studies, research and teaching in the College. The library has been automated and thus linked up to the Main University Library. As a result, information about the resources of the library can be accessed anywhere with internet connectivity via this web


The KNUST library subscribes to a wide range of online resources. These include electronic journals, databases, electronic books and much more. To access KNUST E-Resources off campus, Staff should log in with their university email address and password, as well as students logging in with their Students’ ID and password.

Library space relatively good, services are designed to foster collaboration among students and faculty. Library staff are assigned as liaisons to facilitate discovery, retrieval, and integration of information. The service priority of the Library staff is to assist patrons to use efficiently the reference and research materials that are professional tools of successful engineers.

Our hearts’ desire is to make service our number one priority to our patrons, to give the very best available service by providing materials, services and facilities to support their needs. To be able to do this, we need to improve upon our collection, organize this collection, and enhance our electronic access to resources.