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Library Policies

Library Policies


  • Silence shall be maintained as far as possible in the Library
  • Users should consult the Catalogue/OPAC to locate the books on the shelves arranged according to the Call Numbers in the Catalogue. In case of any difficulty the Librarian/ Library Staff may be consulted.
  • Users are not allowed to reshelf books after removing them from the shelf. They should leave the books on the table.
  • Users are to refrain from marking materials with pencil, ink, tape, paper clips, bending corners of pages and placing books open facedown.
  • Having refreshments in the Library is not allowed.
  • Users are not allowed to leave their baggage overnight in the library. The library shall not take any responsibility for loss of personal property


Mutilating or Stealing Library Properties

Any person who shall deface, mutilate, misappropriate or steal any library material or property shall replace it or pay its current replacement value and pay a fine.

Disorderly and Disruptive Behavior

Any person engaged in disorderly conduct such as drunken behavior creating disorder, disruptive behavior, e.g. excessive noise, loud discussions etc.; within the library premises shall be asked by the Librarian to leave the library premises and shall be subjected to suspension of library privileges for not more than two weeks.