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Time with Dr. Solomon S.R. Gidigasu

Time with Dr. Solomon S.R. Gidigasu


Dr. Solomon S.R. Gidigasu


Interviewer: Kindly introduce yourself

Dr. Gidigasu: I am Dr. Solomon S.R. Gidigasu, a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Geological Engineering at the College of Engineering, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi – Ghana. My research areas are soil improvement, geomaterials characterisation and testing for construction, and rock slope stability analyses.


Interviewer: Tell me about your recent travel.

Dr. Gidigasu: I was on a faculty exchange programme at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras, India, from 28th August to 27th September, 2023. I was hosted by Prof. Chandrasekhar Annavarapu and Prof. Ramesh Kannan Kandasami, both of the Geotechnical Engineering Division of the Civil Engineering Department, IIT-Madras. I was introduced to some aspects of computational geomechanics, specifically the application of extended finite element methods in geotechnical engineering and how to carry out dynamic/cyclic testing of geomaterials. I interacted with staff and postgraduate students and visited their research laboratories. I also had the opportunity to deliver a seminar to the Indian Geotechnical Society, Chennai Chapter, on the topic The extent of deterioration of a mechanically stabilised lateritic base course after design life and its implications for rehabilitation: A case study of Kumasi City Roads, Ghana”.


Interviewer: How was the experience for you?

Dr. Gidigasu: The training was a great and pleasant experience, having been mentored by the host Professors on their research. The visit to their laboratories, as well as the interaction with their postgraduate students, was amazing.


Interviewer: What are the benefits of this collaboration?

Dr. Gidigasu: The collaboration will open opportunities for joint postgraduate supervision between KNUST professors and IIT-Madras professors. The co-supervision will enable such KNUST students to access advanced laboratories at IIT Madras for postgraduate research work. The plan is to incorporate some aspects of computational geomechanics in the Geological Engineering programme and build the capacity to undertake research in the subject area.


Interviewer: Final words.

Dr. Gidigasu: I thank the KNUST Engineering Education Project (KEEP) for the fellowship and my hosts at IIT Madras, Prof. Chandrasekhar Annavarapu and Prof. Ramesh Kannan Kandasami. I am also indebted to the Provost, College of Engineering, Prof. K. B. Nyarko; Dean, Faculty of Civil and Geo-Engineering, Prof K. A. Adjei and Head, Geological Engineering Department, Prof. E.K. Appiah-Adjei. Given the opportunity, I would do it all again.